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Job Details  

Class IV - Advanced Level Position - 400UST
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Job ID 7227
Employer Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Category Research
Job Type Storrs Campus
Job Description

This position is in support of the Plant Computational Genomics lab in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.  This multi-disciplinary team tackles problems relating to genomics, plant biology, machine learning, and bioinformatics.  We are seeking computer-saavy undergraduates with a passion for trees and tough problems!  We work on genome assemblies of some of the most complex plant species on the planet.  Data visualization, software/database development, and high throughput bioinformatics are all areas of interest.  We are specifically looking for students interested in applying machine learning approaches to improve the process of structural gene annotation in newly assembled genomes. This means we are trying to find where the genes are in the genome. Our undergraduate researchers can attend conferences, write independent research papers, and work in teams with other members.

Job Requirements

Experience with Linux, scripting languages (Perl or Pyton), shell scripting for HPC, basics of machine learning, and background in genetics/genomics. Interest in bioinformatics is a plus!

Hourly Rate $16.40/hour
Funding Source Storrs Student Labor, Storrs Work-Study
Time Frame Academic Year
Primary Contact Jill Lee Wegrzyn
Primary Contact's Email
Work Location Virtual Now but normally Storrs Campus (ESB)
Phone Number
Fax Number