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Class II - Student Laboratory & Field Analysis Assistant - 203
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Job ID 8635
Employer Enrichment Programs
Category Research
Job Type Storrs Campus
Job Description

Faculty Name: Dr. Chris Elphick

Faculty Department: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Brief Position Description:

Birds that breed in tidal marsh ecosystems are adapted to regular flooding events, coinciding with the lunar schedule. These high tides often cause nests to fail. Sea level rise will likely cause the frequency, duration, and magnitude of flooding events to increase. This position will help with research focused on describing the nesting traits that may allow four tidal marsh nesting species to persist, adapt, or go extinct due to sea level rise.

Job Description:

A student in this position will assist faculty in research efforts within a laboratory or other research-specific environment. Research activities may include:

  • Review videos of nest flooding events, summarize behaviors in excel spreadsheet according to protocol
  • Analyze images (of vegetation covering nests) using ImageJ software
  • Enter data in Excel or Microsoft Access
  • Organize and file datasheets
  • Read and summarize related literature
  • Attend training sessions and staff meetings
  • Perform miscellaneous duties as directed


Job Requirements

Students MUST:

  • Be an undergraduate student with a Federal work-study award
  • Be able to operate a computer and other research equipment
  • Have excellent communication skills
  • Submit a short report detailing research progress during each semester of participation
  • Attend two professional development events per semester (e.g., CCD workshop, department colloquium speaker, dissertation defense) and submit a brief reflection report for each
  • Present poster about the research experience at a Frontiers in Undergraduate Research exhibition or complete a short reflection paper at the conclusion of the academic year
  • Possess excellent attention to detail
  • Be able to perform at times repetitive and tedious data analysis
Hourly Rate $10.50/hour
Funding Source Storrs Work-Study
Time Frame Academic Year
Primary Contact Jodi Eskin
Primary Contact's Email
Work Location
Phone Number 860-486-7939
Fax Number 860-486-0222