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Class II - Student Laboratory & Field Analysis Assistant - 203
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Job ID 8643
Employer Enrichment Programs
Category Research
Job Type Storrs Campus
Job Description

Faculty Name: Dennis D’Amico

Faculty Department: Animal Science

Brief Position Description: We are looking for students interested in food science and microbiology to work in our research lab.  Our research focuses on improving the safety and quality of milk and value-added dairy products. This position involves assisting with food safety related lab experiments aimed at controlling pathogenic microorganisms in milk and cheese.


Job Description:

A student in this position will assist faculty in research efforts within a laboratory or other research-specific environment. Research activities may include:

  • Take samples
  • Operate and maintain standard lab equipment
  • Test equipment and resolve basic problems within guidelines
  • Make identifications and take accurate measurements
  • Code/plot and analyze data within guidelines
  • Keep detailed records
  • File and classify data
  • Organize, analyze, and communicate data
  • Read and summarize related literature
  • Attending training sessions and staff meetings
  • Perform miscellaneous duties as directed
  • Assist with laboratory maintenance
  • Conduct experiments
  • Clean laboratory, equipment and glassware
  • Write articles, reports and/or presentations
  • Prepare materials for experimental use
  • Keep accurate records of experimental data
  • Keep accurate inventory of lab supplies and chemicals
  • Provide ready access to all experimental data
  • Manage and respond to experiment related email
  • Attend area seminars

Job Requirements

Students MUST:

  • Be an undergraduate student with a Federal work-study award
  • Be able to operate a computer and other research equipment
  • Have excellent communication skills
  • Submit a short report detailing research progress during each semester of participation
  • Attend two professional development events per semester (e.g., CCD workshop, department colloquium speaker, dissertation defense) and submit a brief reflection report for each
  • Present poster about the research experience at a Frontiers in Undergraduate Research exhibition or complete a short reflection paper at the conclusion of the academic year

 Preferred qualifications:

  • Interest in food science and/or microbiology
  • Dependable/reliable
  • Able to follow directions
Hourly Rate $10.50/hour
Funding Source Storrs Work-Study
Time Frame Academic Year
Primary Contact Jodi Eskin
Primary Contact's Email
Work Location
Phone Number 860-486-7939
Fax Number 860-486-0222